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259 views · 24 days ago

I felt the need to talk about my boss today. He is not particularly hot, but seeing him everyday in his suit and tie,with his crotch bulging every time he sits in the meeting room makes me so vulnerable.

I feel strong manly vibes coming from that man with his cocky bossy attitude. I don't know, his smug bossy facial expressions do not leave me indifferent. Sometimes, when he goes to pee i go right after him because I know he uses the urinals, he is always in a hurry and pisses in the first empty urinal he finds, usually the one next to the men's entrance. That's my favorite one because I can clearly see his peeing cock from the other row of urinals.

That view makes my cock so hard that i have to go into a stall toilet after i pee (well sometimes i act like i'm peeing just to be there watching him).. So I go into the stall and I masturbate .. I t usually doesn't take long until I jizz a big load of hot cum...

And I go back to work like nothing happened at all.